“You think we sell Organic Groceries… when what we really do is provide love, hope, happiness and an opportunity to be part of our community, and we think that’s something pretty special”

A Sustainable Way Of Life

At Organic Fix our aim is to source great quality, organic products while supporting local and Australian farmers.

In doing so we know we are contributing to the reduction in chemical pollution and carbon emissions. As well as ensuring Australian organic and biodynamic agriculture is viable long into the future.

Minimising the impact on our environment by supporting sustainable agriculture and zero waste offerings, including our large selection of bulk goods providing environmentally friendly, packaging free shopping solutions to our community.

About Me

I’m Sarah, a kiwi girl who grew up at the VERY bottom of the South Island in New Zealand, I made Melbourne home in 2013!

After battling severe depression and anxiety throughout my teens and twenties, in my thirties I started to learn more about food. And a simple, clean diet full of whole foods would became the foundation for which I would begin to rebuild my mental and emotional wellness.

This same clean, low tox eating was a huge support to my gut health which was also suffering. The more I learned the more I began to understand the role food plays in our health, that the link between what we eat and our brain health is profound and that absolutely everything is connected to what we eat.

Organic Fix

In mid 2021 I noticed my local Organic Store was for sale and in December 2021 I purchased Organic Fix.

Since 2021, Organic Fix has morphed into a space where we get to nourish people, fuelling them with love and real food.

Fresh, family affordable, organic and chemical free food. Just the way it should be.

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