Organic Fix is a specialty store with a mission to inspire people to eat organic food and ethically manufactured/sourced products. We see ourselves as a ‘community hub of wellness’ where people can buy things that will make them feel better. An important part of this is helping people start or continue their own journeys in reducing chemical and fast food consumption.

Our aim is to source local products and support Australian Farmers well as local businesses, with the store offering a wide variety of wholefood supplements and Eco friendly sustainable products to support people on their holistic wellness journey. These include a range of bulk, fresh food such as



⭐Seeds and



⭐Ethical natural makeup,

⭐Eco sustainable products and

⭐Environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Further, we offer night classes to enable our customers to become hands on foodies, for example cheese making classes.

* Organic Fix has taken a small start up business with minimal products and created a busy community hub with a large variety of products.

* We offer a high turnover of Organic Wholefoods from Bulk Food Dispensers with a guarantee of fresh food.

* Organic Fix wholeheartedly supports the war on waste.

* We are currently conducting an independent sustainability study.

At Organic Fix we offer a community health hub that is a place where people can support sustainability for Australian farmers and sustainability for the planet with respect to encouraging zero waste.