• Why organic?

Because how else to we trust our food supply? Buying certified organic or biodynamic ensures products have reached a high standard of certification this includes being grown without the use of nasty chemicals.

  • Are your products certified organic?

YES - 99% of our products are certified organic or biodynamic. We very clearly label the products in our bulk serve yourself section, if your ever unsure just ask one of our friendly staff.

  • Do you stock gluten free products?

Yes we stock a large range of gluten free products including - the GF Precinct range of breads, rolls, pizza bases and wraps, a variety of pastas, snack items, pies, dumplings and much more.

  • Do you stock vegan products?

Yes so many!!! We have an owner who chooses a vegan diet, she passionately sources many great vegan products for our store.

  • Do you stock products for a Paleo diet?

Yes we do.  Ranges include - No Grainer

  • Do you stock products for a Keto diet?

Yes we do.  Ranges include - No Grainer, Simply Swap Foods

  • Are your products Australian?

Yes absolutely!! We love supporting the local economy, purchasing local and Australian products wherever we can. We are passionate about reducing travel miles and supporting locally owned and Australian businesses.

  • I want to shop in bulk, how does it work?

All of our bulk products are priced by the kilo. The bulk section is a serve yourself system, grab a paper bag in store or bring your own Tupperware container or glass jar and purchase as much or as little as you like.

  • Do I need to bring in my own bottle for bulk liquids?

Ideally yes, however we often have empty vessels you can use if caught short - just ask!

  • What’s the advantage of buying in bulk?

Sustainable shopping, minimising our footprint, minimising single use plastics, promoting reusing over recycling, minimising food waste by buying only what you need.  Additionally products are much more affordable because there are is no fancy packaging, marketing, branding and no staff required to package the products into retail items.

  • Is there a minimum or maximum when shopping in bulk?

There is no minimum or maximum to buy, simply take as much or as little as you like.  The price is calculated by weight at the check out.

  • Can I order online?

Not yet we are working on this - make sure you subscribe to register your interest, then you will be the first to be notified once our online shop is launched.

  • When can I collect my click n' collect order?

Click n' collect orders are available for pick up between 3 - 5 pm on your specified day.

  • What days do you receive fresh produce?

Our fresh produce is selected by hand by our owner Sarah every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

  • What days are Produce boxes available?

Tuesdays and Thursdays weekly

  • How do I order a Produce box?

Send us an email to - orders@organicfix.com.au

  • What’s in my Produce box?

Produce boxes are a mixture of seasonal fresh produce. They tend to include potatoes, carrots, something green & leafy (spinach, kale, silverbeet), broccoli, often zucchini or cucumber (apples & bananas for a mixed fruit & veg box) and a variety of other seasonal produce. The selection changes weekly and is determined by what is the best value that week, the selection is subject to change without notice.  To register your interest by emailing orders@organicfix.com.au


  • Can I request specific produce in my produce box?

Not exactly, you can nominate up to 4 items to be excluded from your box. We will replace them with an alternative. These nominated exclusions are saved on your file so we can refer to them weekly.

  • Can I shop fruit and veg in store any day of the week?

Yes of course - we are open 7 days for your shopping pleasure.

  • Do you offer a delivery service?

Not yet - we are working on it!